Monday, May 2, 2011

Shoot at the Sheikh Zayed Book Awards

Dr. Mohammad Miftah
Last month I was commissioned yet again by the Sheikh Zayed Book Awards and friend, neighbour and inspirator, Mahmoud Kaabour  to shoot portraits of the winners of the awards.

Afaf Tabbalah
I have always loved photographing portraits of the winning authors and publishers. The brief has always been to produce simple, expressive portraits of the winners using simple lighting on a seamless background. The consistency of lighting and setting really pushes me to capture the individuality of each of these wonderful people and to create a rapport, as brief as it might be, with the subject. 

I was also able to try out a new lighting technique too! It seems to have worked well without taking away from the simplicity of the portraits.

I feel so thankful to the subjects for leaving a little piece of themselves in these images. 
Prof. Xhong Jikun
Dr. Abdel Raouf Sinno with his wife

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  1. Congrats SId... I can see why you keep getting called back for these assignments!


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